Hallmark Holiday

Since moving into the boat we can’t bring anything onto the boat without getting rid of something so going forward I am sure I will get boat stuff for Hallmark events like today.   But today Henry gave me this amazing handmade wooden fishhook necklace. It says it will provide “good luck and safety when traveling over water”. Perfect gift as we begin our new adveture living aboard and sailing to new amazing places. He did good!!



Created by a fellow member of WWS.
Created by a fellow member of WWS, Sarah Steenland


Morning Marina Walk

I thought this was great and was created by another WWS member!  As you may know, marine heads (toliets) must be pumped out much like an RV, so boaters tyipcally use the bathroom somewhere other than on their boat.  Our marina has great very clean bathrooms with showers and there are lines in the morning.


Comic created by a WWS member, Sarah Steenland