About Us


Henry and Pat meet on a sailboat ….

And now we are downsizing from a 4,00 sq. ft. home to a 44 ft. sailboat to live our dream…

As I am writing this we own two sailboats, a 1980 33ft. Hunter Cherubini , Awenasa (meaning Home on Water) and our new beloved 2003 44ft. Hunter 426DS, Sweet Escape. Our 33ft Hunter is scheduled to be surveyed and hopefully sold.

Before I write too much let me explain the “why” behind this website.  We wanted to be able to document and share with our children, family and friends our adventures of downsizing, our move onto our sailboat and adventures sailing aboard Sweet Escape.  Obviously, we will be living the life that few people do.  We plan to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  At this point, we have no idea how long this new chapter in our lives will be, but we plan to enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. Pour a cup of coffee, wine, whisky or whatever you fancy, sit back, and enjoy our adventure!

It has always been both of our dreams to live on a sailboat as a modern day pirates.  Henry and I did meet on a sailboat and believe it or not I had never sailed prior to meeting him. I meet Henry while he was looking for crew for a 3 day sailing regatta and I singed up; little did I know that at the last minute no one else who had signed up would come. We’ve been together ever since and were married in Rome, Italy on 12/13/14.

About Pat:

I am a bit of a gypsy and a true Texas cowgirl at heart.  I should not admit it but I even curse like a sailor.  I love new adventures!  I enjoy working with my hands and actually enjoy boat projects. Although I love the finer things in life, I have no problem hiking out into the wilderness and building my own shelter; I could very content without a sole in sight for long periods at a time as long as I have a few good books and flowing water.  I look forward to being able to scuba dive off the back of our boat and go spear fishing to catch our dinner.  I am at a point in my life where I am ready live my dream and volunteer full time doing something I am extremely passionate about.  Although my passion is working with abused and neglected children, I have spent most of my life working as an accountant to pay my bills. When I am not working, I am volunteering with abused and neglected children.  My majors in college include Accounting, Nursing, Child Protection and Law; I am a lifetime student. If it weren’t for the cost I would like begin my Doctorate in Social Work/Child Protection.  Ultimately I would like to visit different islands and volunteer with abused and neglected children.

I don’t claim to know much about sailing BUT I am learning. I have become a pro at running around deck as the love of my life yells out orders from the helm.  The one thing that has stopped me over years from learning to sail is my extreme motion sickness.  I am learning new ways to handle it; Ginger Root is in my daily diet and when necessary I use a prescribed motion sickness patch when we sailing for any length of time.


My son (middle), niece (left) and me on our 33 ft. Hunter sailboat in May 2013.

About Henry:

This area is under construction…….. Henry has sailed his entire life and works in data security remotely from wherever we are live.   Some might call him a “ethical hacker” since he shows large companies where and how they need to be protected.