Laundry Aboard

Sailors call this luxury!! After a year and a half living aboard I finally convinced Henry  that the guest shower stall was the perfect place for a washing machine. It may be small but no more hiking to the laundromat.  I actually never knew you could get an automatic washing machine this small (0.9 cubic feet) but it fits perfectly and it works like a charm! It hooks right up to the shower faucet  and drains into the sink.  The washing machine is called: Laundry Alternative SuperCompact Full Automatic Washing Machine and the Dimensions are: L: 16.00″ x W: 17.00″ x H: 25.00″


Guest shower



One thought on “Laundry Aboard

  • July 12, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    That is really gonna be a wonderful, handy machine for the boat. Washing is always a necessity and trotting out to the laundry mat is NO fun. Wise choice !!


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