Portland Pudgy – Our New Dinghy

We’ve added a Portland Pudgy to our Sailboat!

Our new sailboat didn’t come with a dinghy so we did some research and decided we wanted a Portland Pudgy. The Portland Pudgy is built in Maine and the company does not advertise or have dealers like most companies; they sell their product by word of mouth. Owners are normally very proud of their little Pudgy’s and used ones are very hard to come by. The only problem for us was complete sticker shock for a brand new little Pudgy with all the additional features.

I like deals. I hate paying full price for anything and I LOVE second hand deals. After setting up computer searches and sleepless nights surfing the internet I found a fabulous deal on a super tricked out Portland Pudgy that had never really been used. SCORE!! The only catch was that it was 1,500 miles away in a BARN being sold in the middle of winter in the frozen North! As I was heading North a Winter storm started brewing but I wasn’t about to let snow, sleet or ice stop me!! This was a BARN find deal of a lifetime! (Side note: when the owner said it was in his barn I cringed and all I could think of was mice making home in this Pudgy; however come to find out this was a temperature controlled man cave “barn”.)

So you may be wondering what the hell is a Portland Pudgy. Pudgy’s are so many different things all wrapped up in a little solid unsinkable ridged dinghy. The size, 7.8 ft., is the perfect fit for our new little sailboat. As I said, our new Pudgy is tricked out and has every option available. Some of the features include an electrical system powered by solar panels, integrated running lights and charging station for things like our phones, a 3 HP electric engine or small life saving water maker. It also has a full sailing kit, custom made rowing oars, and the full life raft kit. We no longer have to worry about problems that come with an inflatable dinghy or worry whether our life raft will deploy. Our Pudgy may not have a lot of speed or carry many people but it is still super strong, has lots of dry storage, is lightweight, is incredibly stable and can transform as needed. Power Boat, Row Boat, Sailing Dinghy, Life Raft.

All packed up ready for transport from New Hampshire to Florida

Henry trying out our new Pudgy

Our new Pudgy in our davits

Someone Sailing their Pudgy (Photo off Portland Pudgy Website)

A Pudgy used as a life-raft (Photo off Portland Pudgy Website)



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