Renaming our Pearson 33-2

Introducing our new name…. SV Broken Halo 😇

I will admit, “Broken Halo” fits us in that we often fit the “sailor profile”; some people might say since we “swear like a sailor, drink like a fish and have morals of a pirate” we might have broken halos. However, for us, the unlaying meaning behind our new boat name, Broken Halo, is about our road towards “healing”…… Our “road” happens to be the sea. Sailing is relaxing and healing for us. Sailing nourishes our body and soul. There is nothing better than gliding through water, with no distractions, with only the wind powering our sails and feeling the salty sea breeze against our skin. Sailing allows us to escape the “rat-race” of life, thus allowing us to adjust our compass to what is truly important and our purpose rather than racing through it – without a compass.

The song “Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton is a song we can relate to… According the the Los Angles Times, Stapleton “meditates on the wounds people suffer and the road toward healing that they travel”. His song “offers a tender, lump-in-your-throat reminder to keep the faith, even in the midst of tragedy. Angels appear to help us on our way…..”

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