Sweet Escape Maintenace


We haven’t posted in a long time because haven’t done anything but try and get out of the Florida summer heat.  It has been unbearable,  a season we don’t want to ever experience again on the boat.  We hope to be able to be in New England next summer.

In the meantime we are singing the boatyard blues with an adult beverage or two waiting for the sunset! 🍸🍸

S/V Sweet Escape, our home, was hauled out this week to have her bottom painted. Maintenance that is done every 2 to 3 years for performance and protection. For our size boat, it is normally about a 10 day process when you hire a company. But it turns out that our rudder, something that steers the boat, was damaged before we bought her. Unfortunately, the surveyor never pointed out any damage or repaired damage before we bought her. Needless to say, the rudder is being shipped away to either be repaired by the manufacture or a new one made. This will not only add $$$$ to our bill but add a of LOT of additional time off the boat, maybe 30 days. Time I didn’t plan for, so I hope we don’t outstay our welcome at an unused vacation penthouse owed by a good friend. Bright side, we will be “landlubbers” for a little while longer enjoying living in a beachside condo that not only has fabulous views from every room but has unlimited internet & water, “real” toilets, AC, washer/dryer, and a huge kitchen. Cheers! 😂⛵️



Views from our temporary “landlubber” home.


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