As with any sailboat, they all seem to need upgrades not matter the condition.  This summer our sailboat will be put on the hard (in a cradle on land) and she will get fresh new bottom paint, a good waxing and other necessary work that requires the boat to be out of the water.  Right now I’m working on simples ones.  Here are a few things I have completed this week.


This is our old TIRED LifeSling Bag and it even had duct tape!  I made a new bag out of Sunbrella.

We wanted to protect our Pudgy’s engine so I made an engine cover made out of Sunbrella.

It took me hours to remove the current name of our sailboat. Although I will have a lot of waxing to do, we are just about ready for the VOODOO renaming ceremony and decals. Stay Tuned!

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