Weekend Warrior Cabin Projects

We’ve been busy this summer!!! In late May we decided to close the boat up for the summer and head to our cabin. We did this to escape Florida’s bloody summer heat.  Although we have an amazing AC system on the boat, we find ourselves hunkered down inside the boat never leaving because of the heat and we feel like complete slugs doing this. We do travel back and forth once or twice a month to check on the boat and for me (Pat) to put in a few face to face days in at work

Here are a few of the projects we’ve gotten done.  As you may know we enjoy do it yourself project and are pretty darn proud of the results.

We needed more storage and decided to stack our washer/dryer, but once stacked the bi-fold doors wouldn’t close. We decided by-pass sliding barn doors would solve this issue and give us a more rustic look.  We pulled out our hammer and nails and got busy constructing doors and hanging the hardware I found online.

The following project was started last November and finally finished just in for our 4th of July celebration. Originally we had every intention of building our out door kitchen in a week but it kept getting put on hold because of the rain in Georgia and the beautiful winter sailing season in Florida.  Again, we are pretty proud of the results of our weekend warrior projects and we saved tons of money doing them ourselves.

We added our out door kitchen to our side deck.

I watched lots of YouTube videos to learn how to lay this rock.

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