Wind Damaged Headsail

Captain we have a problem here!!! During our last sailing adventure we encountered 30+ knot winds and our headsail stitching gave out. After taking it down and examining it we thought we would be in for a huge bill from the sailmaker.

Local sailors sent me to an awesome sailmaker (Advanced Sails) who was helpful and honest. He told me “no worries, simple repair that will only cost you $180”. He said it appeared that we still have 4+ years left on our headsail cover and it would be best just to restitch everything.

I also took in our custom made Code Zero for inspection and he sailmaker said it appears the sail had never been used. When we bought our sailboat we wanted to buy a Code Zero and believe it or not we found this sail buried in the bottom of a locker. SCORE!!! OH wait DOUBLE SCORE we also found an extra mainsail buried. THANK YOU former owners!! These sails are amazing Kevlar impregnated high performance off-wind sailsĀ and this find has saved us a TON of $$$$$. I can’t wait fly this asymmetric sail.




Thank you You Tube for teaching us how to flake the sail!!

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